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Featured Artist - Kazuyo Hiruma

Kazuyo Hiruma Ceramics

Kazuyo Hiruma 

Touching Stone is privileged to introduce noted contemporary Japanese ceramic artist Kazuyo Hiruma. Born in Sakai City in 1947, Kazuyo Hiruma began her early profession as a graphic designer. In 1976, she found her true calling after working with clay under the supervision of ceramists Sugaki and Hisano Mizuno in Osaka. In 1988, she established her own kiln, and began her active career of creating and exhibiting innovative ceramic works both in Japan and internationally.

Kazuyo Hiruma landscape  Kazuyo Hiruma texture 

Hiruma's works are informed by her sensitive perception of the beauty of nature. Her works capture wonders of natural landscapes in abstract yet tangible forms. Her forms evoke images of spectacular mountains, turquoise lakes, and glacial valleys; their textures suggest glistering water seeping from fissures in the bedrocks. To achieve these visions, Hiruma builds up her forms with numerous layers of thin stretched clay. A variety of glazes are applied to produce colors and textures. Her creative process is itself a metaphor of the forces of nature - sedimentation of soil followed by erosion and weathering by wind and water - that slowly sculpted beautiful natural landscapes.
Hiruma's award-winning works have been exhibited in Japan Crafts Exhibition, International Ceramic Art Festival Mino, Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition, Taiwan Ceramic Biennale, Kikuchi Biennale, and Wellington Ceramics Exchange in New Zealand.

Click on images to view selected pieces
Kazuyo Hiruma Box 01a
Kazuyo Hiruma Box 01b
Kazuyo Hiruma
Ceramic Covered Box 01
23.5" x 7" x 5.5"h  (2 views)

Kazuyo Hiruma Vase 02aKazuyo Hiruma Vase 02b
Kazuyo Hiruma
"Memory in Blue" 
Ceramic Layered Sculpture 02
9.5"h x 14" x 11"  (2 views)

Kazuyo Hiruma Bowl 03aKazuyo Hiruma Bowl 03b
Kazuyo Hiruma
Ceramic Layered Vase 03 (2013)
6"h x 8.75" x 7.5"  (2 views)

Kazuyo Hiruma Vase 04b
Kazuyo Hiruma
Ceramic Layered Vase 04
17.5"h x 22" x 9"
Not for sale

Kazuyo Hiruma Vase 05bKazuyo Hiruma Vase 05a
Kazuyo Hiruma
Trace of Wind" (2014)
Ceramic Layered Vase 05
23.5"h x 15.5" x 7.5"  (2 views)

Selected Exhibitions

1994  Group show, Kyoto Craft Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
1998  Invitational exhibition, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, New Zealand
         Solo show, Chayamachi-garo, Osaka, Japan
1999  Solo show, Art Space Fujikawa, Osaka, Japan
2001  Collected by Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2005  Two-person show, Wellington, New Zealand
         Four-person show, Chayamachi Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2007  Residence and show, Wellington, New Zealand
2009  Solo show, Amashin Museum, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan
2010  Solo show, Yuragi Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2011  Two-person show, Nanko ATC Gallery, Osaka, Japan
         Expo Culture Quebec & Japan - Saint Sauveur, Canada
         Kikuchi Biennale, Musee Tomo Museum, Tokyo, Japan
         International Ceramics Festival, Mino, Japan
2012  Solo show, Important Cultural Property Yamaguchi's Residence, Sakai, Osaka
         Kyoto Newspaper Prize, Encouragement Award
         Solo show, Yakimono Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2013  Encouragement Prize, Kobe Biennale, Kobe, Japan
2014  Solo show, Takashimaya Department Store NEXT, Osaka, Japan
2015  Group show, Takashimaya Department Store Art Gallery, Osaka, Japan
         23rd Japan Ceramics Exhibition, Osaka, Japan
         Grand Prize, 25th Institute of Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan  
2016  Solo show, Amashin Museum, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan