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Kiyoharu Ichino
Edge of Purple
March 8 - April 3, 2002

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Kiyoharu Ichino  市野清治

Nestled in a beautiful valley along the Shitodani River among towering mountains northwest of Kyoto is the picturesque village Tachikui, the historic center of Tanba pottery. The rich ferrous soil in this area has supported generations of farmers and artisans since the early Kamakura period (1180-1230). The oldest existing nobori-gama (climbing kiln) in Japan is found here. This serene unpretentious locale is home of some of the most beautiful ceramics that have influenced aesthetic development in Japan and the western world. Famed British ceramic artist Bernard Leach was a frequent guest in this village.

Today, many ceramists continue the long pottery tradition in this valley. Traditional Tanba pottery is fired unglazed at very high temperature in large wood-fueled kilns. It takes days of continuous firing and hundreds of bundles of wood to produce Tanba pottery. Firing gives personalities to Tanba clay, which is renowned for its rich texture and deep reddish brown colors tinted with a subtle shade of purple. Our featured artist Kiyoharu Ichino gains national recognition by creating highly original works that bring out the unique beauty of this clay in award-winning innovative forms.

Ichino believes that clay is not simply an innert material for making utensils and sculptures. Rather, clay has intrinsic beauty and unique personalities, and the artist must understand those qualities and bring them out through his creations. Ichino's works appear to be integral parts of the clay rather than separate objects made from it. Using a traditional wood-fueled anagama (hole kiln), he creates one-of-a-kind pieces that quietly show off the unique colors and textures of Tanba clay. To emphasize this aesthetic concept, his works often bear trademark "wounds" on meticulously sculpted surfaces to expose the clay body. As in life, beauty often lies deep beneath the surface. It shines through only when one looks past superficial imperfections.

Click on images to view selected pieces

Ichino_EdgeOfPurple3_L.jpg (43318 bytes)Ichino_EdgeOfPurpleDetail3a_L.jpg (51888 bytes)
"Edge of Purple" -  ceramic vase #3 
12"x11"x7"  (2 views)

Ichino_Trillium5_L.jpg (41358 bytes)Ichino_Trillium5a_L.jpg (54608 bytes)
"Trillium" - Ceramic vase #5
12"x9"x9"  (Two views)
Ichino_Convergence4_L.jpg (50266 bytes) Ichino_FlatIron6_L.jpg (63005 bytes)
"Convergence" - ceramic vase #4

"Flatiron" - ceramic vase #6
7.5"x11.5"x 4"

Ichino_Undulation7_L.jpg (38973 bytes)Ichino_Undulation7a_L.jpg (40179 bytes)
"Undulation" - ceramic vase #1
  6.5"x14.5"x4.5"  (Two views) 
Ichino_SilverMist8_L.jpg (31032 bytes)Ichino_SilverMist8a_L.jpg (32280 bytes) Ichino_SignOfContention10_L.jpg (36389 bytes)
"Silver Mist" - ceramic vase #8 
9.5"x4.5"x4.5" (Two views)

"Spirit of Ancient Tanba"  - ceramic vase #9

Ichino_SquareBowl_L.jpg (31422 bytes) Ichino_MossInRustyBowl12_L.jpg (29333 bytes)
"Square Bowl" - ceramic bowl #2

"Moss in Rusty Bowl" - ceramic bowl #12

Ichino_Inclination11_L.jpg (30654 bytes) Ichino_Emergence7_L.jpg (23017 bytes)
"Inclination" - ceramic vase #11

"Emergence" - ceramic vase #7

Ichino_NightSky16_L.jpg (29246 bytes) Ichino_TwoNewMoons17_L.jpg (23330 bytes)
Mentori incense-burner with lid #16

Round incense-burner with lid #17

Ichino_Oooh14_L.jpg (15441 bytes) Ichino_ImperfectCircle_L.jpg (51721 bytes)
"Oooh" - ceramic vase #14
5.5" x5.5" x5.5"

"Moonstone" - ceramic plate #15

Ichino_Hisago20_L.jpg (20869 bytes) Ichino_Unspoken18_L.jpg (21257 bytes)
"Hisago (Gourd)" - ceramic hanging vase #20

Ceramic vase/tottkuri #18

Ichino_Suspended19_L.jpg (19178 bytes) Ichino_Suspended21_L.jpg (24365 bytes)
Ceramic hanging vase #19 

Ceramic hanging vase #21  
8" x2.25" x2.25"

1984  Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Crafts Exhibition
1986  All Kansai Art Exhibition
1987  Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Crafts Exhibition
1989  Cha-no-yu Show in the Tanabe Museum
1990  Japan Crafts Association Kinki Branch Exhibition
1991  Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Crafts Exhibition
1992  Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Crafts Exhibition
1992  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1992  Solo show, Gallery Osaka Hanshin, Osaka
1993  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1993  Recognition Award, Saga Daikakuji Flower and Ceramics Exhibition
1994  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1995  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1995  Nominated as permanent member of The Japan Crafts As- sociation
1996  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1997  Solo show, Gallery Kobe Daimaru, Kobe
1997  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1998  Solo show, Gallery Tokyu, Tokyo
1998  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1998  Solo show, Gallery Kobe Daimaru, Kobe
1999  Solo show, Gallery Osaka Daimaru, Osaka
1999  Solo show, Gallery Shun, Tokyo
2000  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
2000  Two Visions in Contemporary Tanba Pottery, Touching Stone, New Mexico
2001  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
2001  Solo show, Gallery Osaka Daimaru, Osaka