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Living Tradition of Japanese Pottery

March 10 - April 29, 2006

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Kiyoharu Ichino

Kiyoharu Ichino was born in 1957 in Tachikui into an extended family steeped in pottery-making tradition. He learned all aspects of Tanba* pottery since childhood. When he was twenty, he moved to Seto to study pottery under a master of Akatsu-yaki. Upon returning to Tachikui, he launched his career with the Tanba Group Kiln. In 1983, he established his own kiln and began showing in galleries all over Japan. His works have been selected repeatedly for the prestigious juried Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition sponsored by the Japan Crafts Association. In 1995, he was nominated to be a permanent member of The Japan Crafts Association, an honor bestowed to the most experienced and talented artists.

Traditional Tanba pottery is fired unglazed at very high temperature in large wood-fueled kilns. Ichino uses both an anagama (hole kiln) and a noborigama (climbing kiln), burning almost a thousand bundles of wood over several days to bring out the unique personalities of Tanba clay, which is renowned for its rich texture and deep purplish brown colors. Many of his pieces show faint silvery fire-marks like swirling mists left by the wood fire. His pieces appear to be integral parts of the clay rather than separate objects made from it. His works range from ancient-looking traditional vases to contemporary sculptural forms, testaments of the remarkable breadth and depth of the artist. Some pieces bear his trademark "wounds", rough edges deliberately left on finely sculpted surfaces, unmasking the clay body. "As in life, true beauty often lies deep beneath the surface, shining through only when one looks past superficial imperfections."

This exhibition also includes two unusual pieces with an akadobe-yu (red clay glaze) finish. This beautiful style was popular during the early Edo period (1615-1866), but the method to create it was lost for centuries until it was rediscovered recently in 2001. Tadashi Nishibata, another Tanba ceramist to be featured in this Living Tradition of Japanese Pottery Series, is renowned for his contribution in reviving this style.

*Tanba is a phonetic translation of two Japanese characters:  丹 'Tan' (meaning red) and  波 'Ba' (meaning waves). Tanba - Land of Red Waves - got its name from a type of red rice grown in ancient time which turned the fields into seas of red around harvest times. The name is often corrupted as Tamba.

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Ichino_Ba.jpg (113725 bytes)Ichino_Bb.jpg (116947 bytes)
Ceramic bowl "Gold Rust"
16"x15.5"x10.5"H  (2 views)

Ichino_Ab.jpg (116060 bytes)Ichino_Ac.jpg (124776 bytes)
Ceramic vase "Soul Mountain"
12"x4"x13.5"H  (2 views)

Ichino_14a.jpg (85902 bytes)Ichino_14b.jpg (75690 bytes)
Ceramic vase #14
8"x6.5"x14"H  (2 views)

Ichino_26a.jpg (95743 bytes)Ichino_26c.jpg (98658 bytes)
Ceramic bowl "Purple Night"
13"x13"x8.5"H  (2 views)

Ichino_8a.jpg (47718 bytes)Ichino_8b.jpg (52456 bytes)
Ceramic vase #8 
 4"x4"x11"H  (2 views)

Ichino_9a.jpg (50938 bytes)Ichino_9b.jpg (49531 bytes)
Ceramic vase #9
 4.5"x4.5"x11.5"H  (2 views)

Ichino_4b.jpg (61644 bytes)Ichino_4a.jpg (68240 bytes)
Ceramic bowl #4 
 8"x8"x6"H  (2 views)

Ichino_3a.jpg (44895 bytes)
Ceramic vase #3 

Ichino_Ca.jpg (148940 bytes)Ichino_Cb.jpg (105253 bytes)
Ceramic vase "Flame of Tradition"
7.5"x7.5"x9.75"H  (2 views)

Ichino_2a.jpg (92917 bytes)Ichino_2d.jpg (54107 bytes)
Ceramic vase "Pagoda"
   8"x8"x8"H  (2 views)

Ichino_6a.jpg (47165 bytes)Ichino_6b.jpg (43643 bytes)
Ceramic vase "Spirit of Old Tanba #6"
5"x5"x10"H  (2 views)

Ichino_21a.jpg (56775 bytes)Ichino_21b.jpg (61708 bytes)
Ceramic vase "Spirit of Old Tanba #21"
9"x7.5"x7.5"H  (2 views)

Ichino_19b.jpg (43653 bytes) Ichino_19a.jpg (41927 bytes)
Ceramic vase #19 "Emergence"
6"x6"x5"H  (2 views)

Ichino_24c.jpg (42504 bytes) 
Ceramic box #24 
Ichino_5a.jpg (67123 bytes) Ichino_5b.jpg (64813 bytes)
Ceramic "basket" vase #5
 8"x7"x9"H  (2 views)

Ichino_28a.jpg (66717 bytes) Ichino_28b.jpg (62811 bytes)
Ceramic "pail" vase #28
  6.5"x6.5"x6"H  (2 views)

Ichino_16a.jpg (42664 bytes) Ichino_16b.jpg (47233 bytes)
Ceramic vase #16 w/ Akadobe-yu glaze
  9"x8"x10"H  (2 views)

Ichino_29a.jpg (57911 bytes) Ichino_29b.jpg (46210 bytes)
Ceramic vase #29 w/ Akadobe-yu glaze
  9.5"x9"x11"H  (2 views)

Ichino_32b.jpg (50327 bytes) Ichino_32a.jpg (50555 bytes)
Ceramic hanging vase #32 
 2.75"x2.75"x15"H  (2 views)

Ichino_Box41a.jpg (41735 bytes) Ichino_Box41b.jpg (62062 bytes)
Ceramic incense box #41 
 3"x2.5"x3"H  (2 views)
 Ichino_Guinomi37a.jpg (41293 bytes)Ichino_Tokkuri35b.jpg (72320 bytes)

  Mentori Guinomi #37  2.5"Hx2"x2"  Sold
Mentori Tokkuri  #35  6"Hx3"x3"   Sold

Ichino_Guinomi39a.jpg (38425 bytes) Ichino_Tokkuri36a.jpg (61981 bytes)
Guinomi #39  2"Hx3"x3"  Sold 
Tokkuri #36  6"Hx3"x3"  Sold

Shows and Awards
1984  Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Crafts Exhibition
1986  All Kansai Art Exhibition
1987  Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Crafts Exhibition
1989  Cha-no-yu Show in the Tanabe Museum
1990  Japan Crafts Association Kinki Branch Exhibition
1991  Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Crafts Exhibition
1992  Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Crafts Exhibition
         Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
         Solo show, Gallery Osaka Hanshin, Osaka
1993  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
         Recognition Award, Saga Daikakuji Flower and Ceramics Exhibition
1994  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1995  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
         Nominated as permanent member of The Japan Crafts Association
1996  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1997  Solo show, Gallery Kobe Daimaru, Kobe
         Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1998  Solo show, Gallery Tokyu, Tokyo
         Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
         Solo show, Gallery Kobe Daimaru, Kobe
1999  Solo show, Gallery Osaka Daimaru, Osaka
         Solo show, Gallery Shun, Tokyo
2000  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
         Two Visions in Contemporary Tanba Pottery, Touching Stone Gallery, New Mexico, USA
2001  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
         Solo show, Gallery Osaka Daimaru, Osaka
         Gallery Shun, Tokyo
2002  Solo show Edge of Purple, Touching Stone Gallery, New Mexico, USA
2003  Solo show Crossing Purple, Touching Stone Gallery, New Mexico, USA
2004  Solo show, Gallery Tobu, Tokyo
2005  Evolving Traditions, Touching Stone Gallery, New Mexico, USA
2006  Solo show, Flame of Tradition, Touching Stone Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA